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Ek Muskan School


Ek Muskaan school is an initiative to provide free schooling to underprivileged children. Established in the year 2011, the school’s vision is to impart education and cater to the all-round development of the children, who previously used to beg around the premise of Shri Govind Godham Ludhiana, to earn a living.

Currently teaching 250 students and rapidly expanding with each academic year, Ek Muskaan also aims to provide school uniforms, text books and stationary and hot meals in addition to imparting academic instruction.

Upon the completion of their formative education at Ek Muskaan, these children are admitted to other schools so that they can continue their higher education. Their academic fees are funded by the Trust.

By the provision of quality education, Ek Muskaan aims that its marginalized students grow on to achieve job opportunities and build a bright future by uplifting themselves and their families.