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Gau Sewa Service


Currently home to 2000 such gaus, our dedicated team of gau-sewaks ensure that no ends are left loose to feed, bathe and nurture the ailing gaus back to health. All the medical and feeding needs and expenses of the gaus are met by the Godham trust with the support of philanthropists associated with Godham. Some gaus start giving milk after coming here, but not even a single litre of milk is sold. It is utilized to feed the workers working in the goshala and also the students of the Ek Muskaan school. Also, it is offered to the deities in the temple.

Even in the earliest of all scriptures, Lord krishna is deemed to be gopala, which means the protector of all gaus. His age long association with the sacred gau which has 33 crore demigods residing in her, the idea to have a goshala and thakur ji’s presence in each other’s vicinity was birthed. This belief led to the establishment of Sh Radha Govind Mandir on 4 Feb, 2005.

Ever since, this holy and blessed association of Krishna Ji and gaus is celebrated by the Shri Govind Godham Ludhiana every Sunday as Krishna Ji is taken on a “Palki Yatra” to the Godham. Through the medium of this sacred procession, Thakur ji and gaus are in proximity and can be worshipped together by the devotees.